Mastering your Business Life Balance

business life balance

Being an entrepreneur is an incredibly time consuming yet rewarding lifestyle. With balancing spreadsheets, financial statements and client lists, it is easy to quickly put many of your own personal needs to the side. The number one tip any successful entrepreneur will give to beginning or struggling business owners is they need to make time to take care of themselves. When you neglect yourself you unknowingly let this reflect in your work. There are many ways that you can successfully manage a business life balance- allowing you to focus on your business as well as enjoy your life along the way.



 Create A Schedule

This is an obvious one and you most likely already have a semi- working schedule you try to stick with. However, you may be able to rework your schedule to make better use of your time. Sit down and compile a list of all the things you need to work on for your business- from monthly tasks that need to be completed, weekly projects and daily to-dos. Next, set your business list aside, and compile a list of all the things you want to do for yourself (spend more time with family, read a new book, weekly workout routines, etc..). Now organize this list the same as you did your business list and begin to create your weekly schedule. In order to have an optimal business life balance, begin by blocking out the times slots for your personal wants and needs. Once you have established times you are dedicating for yourself, plug in your business to-do’s in the available slots. By first making sure you set times aside for yourself you will retain an enjoyable business life balance that will reflect in how you approach your business needs.


Ideally, taking a day to completely disconnect from phone calls, social media and email alerts will help you recharge. If you cannot disconnect for the whole day, at least make it a priority take a few hours to clear your head without interruptions from your business. You should also avoid wasting time on social media platforms while you are focusing on your business needs. So easily we allow ourselves to become distracted by mindlessly reading status updates and tweets. Allowing yourself to indulge in these personal, non-business related, activities will throw of your business life balance because you are not setting boundaries for your work hours.

Take Advantage Of Technology

There are a number of apps you can utilize that will help you plan and organize the task you need to do- from day to day, weekly, monthly and even yearly goals. Trello is a great project management app that allows you to keep track of your progress and promote an effective business life balance schedule.


A common challenge many entrepreneurs face when trying to create a business life balance schedule is not passing on some of their business task to others. Many little tasks can easily be outsourced to other individuals to free up more of your time. Tasks such as website upkeep, sending out newsletters and social media updates are just a few of the most common jobs business owners outsource to others to manage. Another way you can outsource is by having a  answering service take care of you phone lines. Not only can they help answer your phones during office hours, they can also help when you are out of the office. By  not having to worry about your phone, you can spend more time enjoying your time away from work. One of these such centers is this Answering Service Orlando.

Finding the business life balance will

reflect in your work and overall well being

Being a business owner does not have to be overwhelming and consume your life. With better scheduling and delegation you can easily create an effective business life balance for yourself. You will need to set boundaries for your business times and for your personal time. You may think that being in constant work mode is helping your business, but soon you will reach a burnout moment your business will eventually seem like a burden. By incorporating a balance between your work and personal time you will continue to love and enjoy your business as well as enjoy life a lot more.