How An Inbound Call Center Can Help You Find Time For Yourself

Many businesses take advantage of the various benefits an inbound call center can have. Not only for their business, but also with their life outside of the business. As a business owner you may feel that your life is always focused on work to do’s. You may find yourself making many personal sacrifices to ensure you provide great customer service no matter when the customer calls. This commitment is great, but why not get your personal life back? Setting up an inbound call center can greatly reduce your stress from having to handle all the incoming calls yourself  and also improve your customer service.


Utilizing an inbound call center for your business, whether it is a start up or well established, will free up your time in a number of ways. Inbound call centers are set in place to handle incoming calls from customers to your business. These call centers can offer help and take on a number of responsibilities that will keep your business running more efficiently. By outsourcing your incoming calls to a call center or answering service, you are able to focus on the other needs of your business during your business hours. Very often business owners are so busy answering customer calls that many of the other tasks they needed to get done are forced to be brought home with them.

Not only does an inbound call center free up your valuable business time, it will also have an effect on the amount of free time you have away from your business. By being more productive at work you will no longer have to extend your working hours well after you had clocked out for the night. Having an inbound call center in place will also be able to take customer calls for you even when your business is not open. You no longer have to worry about being interrupted during dinner to answer a customer’s call.

Stop Stressing! Find a 24 Call Center Today!

A call center can easily take care of general questions, scheduling and troubleshooting, which means you can enjoy some much needed free time. You will no longer have to constantly worry about whether you are missing a business phone call or sale. Your customers will get better customer service and attention while you get to focus back on your personal life and more important aspects of your business.
If you would like to find out more about a 24 hour call center visit A Courteous Communications.

Why you shouldn’t talk politics at work

dont talk politics at work

It seems that everything is currently revolving around politicians with the election being so close- and for the next year the talk is only going to increase. It may seem unavoidable to partake in some form of talk about politics, but in the office it can do a lot more damage than during a general conversation with friends and family. There are some companies that make it clear that they expect their employees to vote a certain way and if it is found out that someone cast a vote in the opposite direction they risk losing their jobs. Talking politics can greatly disrupt a once unified team and throw off productivity and focus.

Why You Should Not Talk Politics In The Office:

1.) Remember that your political choices are your own personal choices. What you choose to do with your vote in the election should stay your own business- especially around the office.

2.) Getting into a political discussion at work can easily be a huge distraction from the work you need to be doing. These discussions often lead to individuals trying to sway others to think the way they do and this can cause loss of focus.

3.) The talk of politics in the office can affect the way you think of co-workers. Even if you do not want to admit it, you make judgments based on people’s political views. Where you once were able to work cohesively with the members of your team you may now hold a bit of resentments towards them based on their political views.

4.) When you talk politics in the office you can unknowingly make others feel isolated especially if they hold different views from the majority in the office. There are a number of touchy topics that get brought up when you begin to talk politics including same sex marriage or equality issues. When some people are in opposition of each other this can lead to drawn out disagreements that can escalate to bullying and even certain levels of discrimination.

Save the political talk for after work

Talking politics in the office may seem like an unavoidable topic, especially with a big election in the near future. You should do your best to avoid these types of discussions and change the subject. Political discussions often lead to more heated arguments that can leave the office in an un-harmonious environment where productivity suffers as well as focus.

Acts Of Kindness For You To Try On World Kindness Day

acts of kindness

World Kindness Day is celebrated on November 13th every year. While you should try to be kind everyday, you may want to make a little extra effort on the 13th. Here are a number of random acts of kindness that you can easily do to help celebrate World Kindness Day and spread a little happiness.

8 Random Acts of Kindness:

1.) Start your day with a smile and make an effort to give everyone you pass a big friendly smile. This may not seem like an insignificant act of kindness, but you would be surprised just how much of difference a simple smile can make in someone else’s day.

2.) Make an effort to only post positive updates on all your social media accounts. Only post uplifting, motivating or inspiring things to provoke others to practice random acts of kindness for the day.

3.) Give out compliments to friends, coworkers and even strangers.

4.) Do something special for your co workers, like bringing them a cup of coffee or their favorite breakfast sandwich in the morning. This random act of kindness can go a long way especially if your co worker was running late and had to rush to work without any coffee or breakfast.

5.) Your kindness does not have to focus on just people- you should also practice random acts of kindness to the environment as well. Everytime you go outside try to pick up just three pieces of litter that will keep your neighborhood a little more clean.

6.) Be kind to the furry strays in your area by leaving out a clean bowl of water for them to drink from.

7.) Prepare a healthy home cooked meal for your family or invite friends over for dinner.

8.) If you take public transportation you can easily perform a random act of kindness by giving up your seat on the train or bus to someone else.

Put a smile on someones face with these simple acts of kindness

These simple 8 random acts of kindness take little effort on your part to perform, but can make a huge difference in someone else’s day. Celebrate World Kindness Day on November 13th by spreading a little bit of happiness with a smile or showing your coworkers you were thinking of them with a cup of coffee to start their day. Even the smallest actions can turn someone’s day completely around and it can make you feel better about your day as well.

Small Business Advice: Why you need a podcast

headphones playing a podcast

Podcasts have been around for a number of years now and yet many businesses do not reap the benefits from using this simple tool. What is so great about a podcast? How can it help you build a solid, loyal customer base?  The answer is simple. Podcasts allow you to connect in a completely different and unique way that no other forms of market allows.



Your Small Business Gets A Voice

Unlike other platforms, a podcast has an actual voice. Whether it is yours or another member from your team, you allow your customers and fan base to connect to your business with an actual human voice. This can be a powerful tool that allows you to breath actual life into your business- one with emotions, opinions and guidance.

Your Business Goes Anywhere

While many other forms of marketing and networking have certain restrictions because they rely on reading, typing or watching- podcasts allow the listener access from anywhere they wish. Whether in their car, on their break, or during their lunch, a podcast lets your fan base listen in by simply popping in their headphones and continuing on with their daily activities.

Podcast Are Convenient

Since podcasts allow your listeners to continue to be mobile and free to go about their daily routines, you are making it incredibly easy for customers to learn more about your small business without interrupting any other activities. They can listen as they cook dinner, commute to work or while they exercise. By having a podcast you are making it easy and convenient for your customers to connect with you and your small business.



  • You gain your listeners trust.
  • You can reach an incredibly larger and new customer base.
  • You stand out from competitors because your business is now an approachable brand.
  • You make your relationship with your customers more personal.
  • Customers who feel like they know a brand are more likely to buy from that brand.

Podcasts are an easy way to market your small business!

Podcasts are incredibly easy to begin to incorporate into your businesses marketing strategy. With the new and ever changing world of technology you can easily record podcasts from your smartphones. Podcasts are one of the least utilized tools that businesses should be using to better connect and build up their customer list. Stand up to your competition and start a podcast today!

Spotify Playlists appropriate for the workplace

spotify playlists

Being stuck in the office or at work all day can quickly become a tired routine. What surely never helps is either the lack of music to keep you sane or the awkward elevator music that will not offend anyone. However, these Spotify playlists can easily be the answer to your offices musical needs.


1.) Your Favorite Coffee House – Spotify-

This Spotify playlist is exactly what you think. Filled with coffee house approved mellow tunes of Ben Harper, The Sweet Remains and Daniel Andrade’s slow remake of the popular Crazy in Love.

2.) Acoustic Morning- Spotify-

Want to listen to the most popular pop songs at the moment with a little less pop? Try this station for all the acoustic versions of today’s best hits like Gardiner Sisters ‘Fight Song’ or Ed Sheeran’s ‘Photograph’.

3.) Deep Focus- Spotify-

This atmospheric rock Spotify playlist will keep everyone in the office focused for a while with hits from U138, Spiritualized and more.

4.) Greatest Songs Ever- Jay Dayton-

This spotify playlist is sure to have something on it for everyone in the office.

5.) Songs To Sing In The Shower- Spotify-

With some of the best songs of all time this Spotify playlist is not only appropriate for the office but singing along to your favorite song is highly encouraged.

6.) Upbeat + Summer- Lizyeomans-

When work has you stuck in the office dreaming of warm sunny beaches- bring the beach to the office with this fun Spotify playlist.

7.) I’m An 80’s Baby- Lnards-

Because who can complain about ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ from Bonnie Tyler or Eddie Money’s ‘Take Me Home Tonight’?

8.) Food Coma- Tunigo US-

This is a fun playlist to turn up during your lunch breaks. Every song on the playlist is all about food.

9.) Music Like Daft Punk- David Smuts-

This Spotify playlist will give you just the right amount of energy to fly through you work to dos.

10.) Ultimate Movie Instrumental- Playlists.Net-

For those work days that you just need theme music to narrate your mood, this Spotify playlist is filled with movie theme music.

11.) Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Guitarists- Rolling Stones-

B. King, Les Paul and The Who will transform your mundane workday to a classic rock show with this Spotify playlist.

12.) The Ultimate Office Playlist- Sasan-

This Spotify playlist offers a great variety of music that is office appropriate.

13.) While You Work- Eli Feghali –

Want to not have to worry about the playlist ending or hearing the same song over and over? This massive Spotify playlist has enough music to get you through at least four days without repeating.

14.) Rainy Day – Brad Mcconnell-

For when the weather doesn’t help with the fact that you’re stuck at work- turn on this Spotify playlist. Every track has to do with rain.

15.) Happy -Remus Moller-

Every Monday in the office needs a playlist like this. This Spotify playlist can quickly turn all those “case of the Monday’s” frowns around.

Use these Spotify playlists to boost productivity

If your office needs a little bit of a pick me up, then put one of these Spotify playlists on to lift everyone’s mood instantly. Not only will the music add to a more friendly environment but studies have shows that music boosts productivity.

Entrepreneur Blogs- Top 5 to Inspire You

inspiring entrepreneur blogs

As an entrepreneur, finding the inspiration to keep you on track with your business and life goals can be a difficult task. Luckily, there are a number of professionals that share their insight through their own personal entrepreneur blogs. Whether you are looking for a way to balance your work life routine, need a bit of encouragement to follow through on your business goals or need a way to simply be more productive, there are a number of entrepreneur blogs that you can follow to find the inspiration you need.


Deep Existence

Deep existence founder Stephen Guise masterfully mixes inspirational stories with an entrepreneur lesson. This entrepreneur blog uniquely teaches entrepreneurs how to be more productive, manage time and accomplishing their goals.

Success Consciousness

This blog is filled with inspiration, motivation and some crucial lesson of how to be the best version of yourself to succeed. Remez Sasson writes on a variety of topics focused on the power of positivity.

Motivational Memo

Peter G James Sinclair shares his twenty five years of experience in the business world with his blog Motivational Memo. The blog focuses on topics of leadership, wealth, successful living and personal development. If you are looking for an entrepreneur blog that will give you insight on how to obtain a better work life balance and inspire you to continue with your business goals, this is the best blog to follow.

Scott H. Young

Scott H. Young’s entrepreneur blog covers a variety of inspiring lessons from being more productive to goal setting. His topics are unique and some not so mainstream, but his philosophical approach could be the daily boost you need to refocus on your business.

Zen Habits

Zen Habits may not seem like a traditional entrepreneur blog but the content can easily be translated into your business etiquette. This blog, unlike many others you will find, does not distract the reader with ads or fancy theme design. Instead it delivers posts filled with inspiring and motivational content.

Start following these Entrepreneur Blogs Today!

These five entrepreneur blogs are some of the most followed blogs of 2015. They are not only informative but also give personal accounts of professionals who have struggled with being a successful business owner. These are not just the typical blogs to get questioned answered. They are a resourceful way to find inspiration to live a better and more successful life.

Twitter for Business: 4 Ways It Can Help

twitter for business stats

If you have a business but still think Twitter is just good for sharing funny pictures of your cat’s escapades with the ball of yarn, or the struggle of your toddler trying to figure out how to wear his pants head-first, then you are definitely losing out on much of the benefits others are reaping by using Twitter for business. The business world is becoming more and more competitive, and the winners are those who will establish their online presence as much as their physical.

Here are 4 reasons why you should start utilizing Twitter for business now.

1. Using Twitter for Business Enhances Your Marketing

No matter how polished your product is or how refined your service might be, it still comes down to absurdity if your company itself is the only one that knows about it. Marketing is just as important as product creation and in this digital age, few tools even come close to Twitter’s effectiveness for this task. First of all, everyone and their Uncle Hank is on Twitter. At the very least, they have dormant accounts which they may awaken anytime. Using Twitter for business means your marketing will reach more people, potentially millions.

Secondly, people want to be the first to share things that they think others will find interesting, fast. This means if you use Twitter for business, you have the chance to have your posts go viral if they are really useful. This will get your word out while it’s fresh and applicable. Finally, twitter is free. Not only do you get to post for free, but interested users will share your tweets at zero cost. That’s as good as free marketing gets.

2. Customer Service is Effective When You Use Twitter for Business

Your customers are the reason you set your business on earth and not, say on Mars; because let’s face it, you’d be hard pressed to find a Martian who would be interested in your product. You, therefore, want to make sure they are satisfied and offered the best customer service possible. Using Twitter for business brings you as close as you can get to your customers’ rants, whines, complaints, and if you’re doing things right, their praises. You not only get to address their issues but you also effectively get an insight into the direction your business should take. In short, using Twitter for business is great for getting free and honest customer feedback.

3. Twitter for Business is a Great Way to Introduce Your Service

Sometimes, you may get phone calls from people looking to have their high heels repaired when what you really offer are discounted prices on designer sneakers. Using Twitter for business enables your potential customers to understand your business quite thoroughly before they even make that call, saving everyone valuable time. This simply takes a minute or two of digging up your Twitter history, which gives them a solid idea about who you really are. Your Twitter account, in this case, acts as a front desk receptionist who never gets tired, and never asks for a raise because he never gets paid in the first place.

4. Using Twitter for Business Exposes You to New Ideas for Improved Products and Services

Business is fierce out there these days and competitors are trying to take the food  right off of your table- actually, that’s too kind. These days, they’ll fish it out of your mouth right before you swallow. To survive, you need to know what’s happening in your field for you to improve when the need arises. Using Twitter for Business exposes you to free ideas by looking at what people are saying about your area of expertise.

And speaking of  business competition, Twitter is a great way to spy on your competitors. It’s free, stealthy, and comes with a guilt-free conscience because the information is out there already. What is really great about Twitter for business is that besides getting a hint at what your competition is doing, you also get to see how their customers are reacting to their service or product. This gives you useful information which you can use to improve your product or service, or even come up with something new altogether.

The use of Twitter for business, or the lack thereof, can make or break your business. As the business sphere embraces digital methods more and more, it is essential for you to not be left behind.

Do you already use Twitter for your business? Share in the comments how useful it’s been or share any other helpful tips. We hope you found this article informative and encourage you to stop back soon to find more business tips!