Small Business Advice: Why you need a podcast

headphones playing a podcast

Podcasts have been around for a number of years now and yet many businesses do not reap the benefits from using this simple tool. What is so great about a podcast? How can it help you build a solid, loyal customer base?  The answer is simple. Podcasts allow you to connect in a completely different and unique way that no other forms of market allows.



Your Small Business Gets A Voice

Unlike other platforms, a podcast has an actual voice. Whether it is yours or another member from your team, you allow your customers and fan base to connect to your business with an actual human voice. This can be a powerful tool that allows you to breath actual life into your business- one with emotions, opinions and guidance.

Your Business Goes Anywhere

While many other forms of marketing and networking have certain restrictions because they rely on reading, typing or watching- podcasts allow the listener access from anywhere they wish. Whether in their car, on their break, or during their lunch, a podcast lets your fan base listen in by simply popping in their headphones and continuing on with their daily activities.

Podcast Are Convenient

Since podcasts allow your listeners to continue to be mobile and free to go about their daily routines, you are making it incredibly easy for customers to learn more about your small business without interrupting any other activities. They can listen as they cook dinner, commute to work or while they exercise. By having a podcast you are making it easy and convenient for your customers to connect with you and your small business.



  • You gain your listeners trust.
  • You can reach an incredibly larger and new customer base.
  • You stand out from competitors because your business is now an approachable brand.
  • You make your relationship with your customers more personal.
  • Customers who feel like they know a brand are more likely to buy from that brand.

Podcasts are an easy way to market your small business!

Podcasts are incredibly easy to begin to incorporate into your businesses marketing strategy. With the new and ever changing world of technology you can easily record podcasts from your smartphones. Podcasts are one of the least utilized tools that businesses should be using to better connect and build up their customer list. Stand up to your competition and start a podcast today!

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