Spotify Playlists appropriate for the workplace

spotify playlists

Being stuck in the office or at work all day can quickly become a tired routine. What surely never helps is either the lack of music to keep you sane or the awkward elevator music that will not offend anyone. However, these Spotify playlists can easily be the answer to your offices musical needs.


1.) Your Favorite Coffee House – Spotify-

This Spotify playlist is exactly what you think. Filled with coffee house approved mellow tunes of Ben Harper, The Sweet Remains and Daniel Andrade’s slow remake of the popular Crazy in Love.

2.) Acoustic Morning- Spotify-

Want to listen to the most popular pop songs at the moment with a little less pop? Try this station for all the acoustic versions of today’s best hits like Gardiner Sisters ‘Fight Song’ or Ed Sheeran’s ‘Photograph’.

3.) Deep Focus- Spotify-

This atmospheric rock Spotify playlist will keep everyone in the office focused for a while with hits from U138, Spiritualized and more.

4.) Greatest Songs Ever- Jay Dayton-

This spotify playlist is sure to have something on it for everyone in the office.

5.) Songs To Sing In The Shower- Spotify-

With some of the best songs of all time this Spotify playlist is not only appropriate for the office but singing along to your favorite song is highly encouraged.

6.) Upbeat + Summer- Lizyeomans-

When work has you stuck in the office dreaming of warm sunny beaches- bring the beach to the office with this fun Spotify playlist.

7.) I’m An 80’s Baby- Lnards-

Because who can complain about ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ from Bonnie Tyler or Eddie Money’s ‘Take Me Home Tonight’?

8.) Food Coma- Tunigo US-

This is a fun playlist to turn up during your lunch breaks. Every song on the playlist is all about food.

9.) Music Like Daft Punk- David Smuts-

This Spotify playlist will give you just the right amount of energy to fly through you work to dos.

10.) Ultimate Movie Instrumental- Playlists.Net-

For those work days that you just need theme music to narrate your mood, this Spotify playlist is filled with movie theme music.

11.) Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Guitarists- Rolling Stones-

B. King, Les Paul and The Who will transform your mundane workday to a classic rock show with this Spotify playlist.

12.) The Ultimate Office Playlist- Sasan-

This Spotify playlist offers a great variety of music that is office appropriate.

13.) While You Work- Eli Feghali –

Want to not have to worry about the playlist ending or hearing the same song over and over? This massive Spotify playlist has enough music to get you through at least four days without repeating.

14.) Rainy Day – Brad Mcconnell-

For when the weather doesn’t help with the fact that you’re stuck at work- turn on this Spotify playlist. Every track has to do with rain.

15.) Happy -Remus Moller-

Every Monday in the office needs a playlist like this. This Spotify playlist can quickly turn all those “case of the Monday’s” frowns around.

Use these Spotify playlists to boost productivity

If your office needs a little bit of a pick me up, then put one of these Spotify playlists on to lift everyone’s mood instantly. Not only will the music add to a more friendly environment but studies have shows that music boosts productivity.

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