Why you shouldn’t talk politics at work

dont talk politics at work

It seems that everything is currently revolving around politicians with the election being so close- and for the next year the talk is only going to increase. It may seem unavoidable to partake in some form of talk about politics, but in the office it can do a lot more damage than during a general conversation with friends and family. There are some companies that make it clear that they expect their employees to vote a certain way and if it is found out that someone cast a vote in the opposite direction they risk losing their jobs. Talking politics can greatly disrupt a once unified team and throw off productivity and focus.

Why You Should Not Talk Politics In The Office:

1.) Remember that your political choices are your own personal choices. What you choose to do with your vote in the election should stay your own business- especially around the office.

2.) Getting into a political discussion at work can easily be a huge distraction from the work you need to be doing. These discussions often lead to individuals trying to sway others to think the way they do and this can cause loss of focus.

3.) The talk of politics in the office can affect the way you think of co-workers. Even if you do not want to admit it, you make judgments based on people’s political views. Where you once were able to work cohesively with the members of your team you may now hold a bit of resentments towards them based on their political views.

4.) When you talk politics in the office you can unknowingly make others feel isolated especially if they hold different views from the majority in the office. There are a number of touchy topics that get brought up when you begin to talk politics including same sex marriage or equality issues. When some people are in opposition of each other this can lead to drawn out disagreements that can escalate to bullying and even certain levels of discrimination.

Save the political talk for after work

Talking politics in the office may seem like an unavoidable topic, especially with a big election in the near future. You should do your best to avoid these types of discussions and change the subject. Political discussions often lead to more heated arguments that can leave the office in an un-harmonious environment where productivity suffers as well as focus.

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