Twitter for Business: 4 Ways It Can Help

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If you have a business but still think Twitter is just good for sharing funny pictures of your cat’s escapades with the ball of yarn, or the struggle of your toddler trying to figure out how to wear his pants head-first, then you are definitely losing out on much of the benefits others are reaping by using Twitter for business. The business world is becoming more and more competitive, and the winners are those who will establish their online presence as much as their physical.

Here are 4 reasons why you should start utilizing Twitter for business now.

1. Using Twitter for Business Enhances Your Marketing

No matter how polished your product is or how refined your service might be, it still comes down to absurdity if your company itself is the only one that knows about it. Marketing is just as important as product creation and in this digital age, few tools even come close to Twitter’s effectiveness for this task. First of all, everyone and their Uncle Hank is on Twitter. At the very least, they have dormant accounts which they may awaken anytime. Using Twitter for business means your marketing will reach more people, potentially millions.

Secondly, people want to be the first to share things that they think others will find interesting, fast. This means if you use Twitter for business, you have the chance to have your posts go viral if they are really useful. This will get your word out while it’s fresh and applicable. Finally, twitter is free. Not only do you get to post for free, but interested users will share your tweets at zero cost. That’s as good as free marketing gets.

2. Customer Service is Effective When You Use Twitter for Business

Your customers are the reason you set your business on earth and not, say on Mars; because let’s face it, you’d be hard pressed to find a Martian who would be interested in your product. You, therefore, want to make sure they are satisfied and offered the best customer service possible. Using Twitter for business brings you as close as you can get to your customers’ rants, whines, complaints, and if you’re doing things right, their praises. You not only get to address their issues but you also effectively get an insight into the direction your business should take. In short, using Twitter for business is great for getting free and honest customer feedback.

3. Twitter for Business is a Great Way to Introduce Your Service

Sometimes, you may get phone calls from people looking to have their high heels repaired when what you really offer are discounted prices on designer sneakers. Using Twitter for business enables your potential customers to understand your business quite thoroughly before they even make that call, saving everyone valuable time. This simply takes a minute or two of digging up your Twitter history, which gives them a solid idea about who you really are. Your Twitter account, in this case, acts as a front desk receptionist who never gets tired, and never asks for a raise because he never gets paid in the first place.

4. Using Twitter for Business Exposes You to New Ideas for Improved Products and Services

Business is fierce out there these days and competitors are trying to take the food ¬†right off of your table- actually, that’s too kind. These days, they’ll fish it out of your mouth right before you swallow. To survive, you need to know what’s happening in your field for you to improve when the need arises. Using Twitter for Business exposes you to free ideas by looking at what people are saying about your area of expertise.

And speaking of ¬†business competition, Twitter is a great way to spy on your competitors. It’s free, stealthy, and comes with a guilt-free conscience because the information is out there already. What is really great about Twitter for business is that besides getting a hint at what your competition is doing, you also get to see how their customers are reacting to their service or product. This gives you useful information which you can use to improve your product or service, or even come up with something new altogether.

The use of Twitter for business, or the lack thereof, can make or break your business. As the business sphere embraces digital methods more and more, it is essential for you to not be left behind.

Do you already use Twitter for your business? Share in the comments how useful it’s been or share any other helpful tips. We hope you found this article informative and encourage you to stop back soon to find more business tips!

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